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Many of you write to us “I’m thinking of applying to the Blue Factory Start program and I would like to ask you some questions …” So we thought we’d share your questions and answers here!

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Here is the list of your questions answered:

  1. On which campuses can I attend the Blue Factory Start program?

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1. On which campuses can I attend the Blue Factory Start program?

The Blue Factory Start program is 100% online and in English and can therefore be taken by all ESCP students and alumni regardless of their location.
For participants who can come to the République campus in Paris, they will have access to the incubator’s coworking space (upon registration and depending on availability).

2. What does the Blue Factory Start support really look like?

The Blue Factory Start program is composed of online workshops from 6:00 pm to 8:0 pm including interactive masterclasses with experts who will share their insights and guidance on how to start a venture (definition of the value proposition, business strategy, financing, etc.) as well as co-development sessions (upon selection) alongside a community of peers.

In parallel to these workshops, resources and an online exchange space are made available, and coaching sessions are offered to the most advanced project leaders (upon registration).
The goal of the Start program is to allow participants, depending on their stage of advancement, to initiate or deepen their entrepreneurial approach by deconstructing preconceived ideas they may have and by moving from theory to action.
It should be noted that the program focuses on the project leaders and not on their project in particular, since the latter may evolve significantly during the workshops.

3. What are the conditions to participate in the program?

To be part of the Start program:

  • At least one founder of the business idea has to be linked to ESCP Europe (student or alumni) or linked to a partner school (HEC Montreal, Tsinghua University, Honoris Unites Universities)

➡️ To participate in the Start program, simply fill out the Blue Factory registration form, which will allow the incubator team to determine if the program is suitable for the project owner’s needs.

The masterclasses are open to all the participants and the co-development sessions will be proposed to the projects that are concretely working on their project.
NB: We draw your attention to the fact that the 2 min video requested in the form is mandatory for your application to be considered.

4. Is it possible to participate in the program even if I don’t have yet a defined idea or just want to test my entrepreneurial spirit?

The Start program is designed primarily for those who have a concrete project to work on, whether they are developing their idea or just starting out. Participants who don’t yet have a defined idea can participate in the program and benefit from the open masterclasses, the networking, and resources at their disposal.

If you are looking to learn more about the entrepreneurial ecosystem, you can find the resources made available by the Blue Factory on this link (videos, articles, website etc.)

5. What is the entrepreneur’s profile supported by the program?

The project leaders can come from all ESCP programs and its partner schools (Bachelor, MIM, MS, MSc, MBA, EMBA…) whether they are students or graduates.

Regarding the maturity of participating projects, about 35% are at the idea stage, 45% at the prototype development stage and 20% at the prototype testing stage or even their first sales.

6. Do you have a sectoral focus in your coaching?

No, we do not limit ourselves to any one sector and each year we have very different projects. Moreover, given the very early stages of the projects, they often change during the course of the program, which is why the support is primarily focused on the project leaders themselves.

7. Is the program available all year round? When should I be available for workshops?

The program takes place online, twice a year: the first session runs from February to May and the second from September to December.

In order to allow as many people as possible to participate, the workshops are held online, at the end of the day, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

8. Where can I apply to the program?

The applications are open until January, 18th and the workshops will be running from February to May 2023 (dates coming soon).

👉 You can find the application form HERE 👈



The entrepreneurs’ #incubator of @ESCP_bs. Advocate of the triple bottom line. #social #business #innovation #tech #green

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The entrepreneurs’ #incubator of @ESCP_bs. Advocate of the triple bottom line. #social #business #innovation #tech #green